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Street Survey: Best Gifts Received, Atlanta Edition

By Olivia

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Gifting is hard. We get that, and we formed Jean and Jade to help make the process a bit easier and more rewarding. In addition to providing amazing gift boxes of our own, we’re here to help with gift inspiration. So this week, we hit the streets of Atlanta (where we’re proudly based) to ask people about the best gift they’ve received. Read on to spark some original ideas to wow your recipient.

  • Nicole, 30: “I’d been having a really stressful time at work, and my boyfriend surprised me by planning a long weekend away at the beach. It was so thoughtful that he planned every detail and knew it was just what I needed. It ended up being both therapeutic and romantic.”
  • Vicki, 33: “I once received a really classic pair of diamond earrings from my then-boyfriend for my birthday. They’re so timeless that I still wear them all the time. Don’t tell my current boyfriend where they came from!”
  • Jessica, 29: “The best gift I’ve received from my fiancé was a pair of concert tickets to see the Rolling Stones. They were actually here on our anniversary. I’m a big fan, but also, because they’re so iconic, it’s a memory I’ll never forget. I can tell my grandkids that we saw them live!”
  • Sonia, 38: “Am I the only one who likes to receive lingerie? When my husband gives me something beautiful and sexy, it reaffirms that he thinks that I’m beautiful and sexy”.
  • Allison, 26: “Any kind of surprise is my favorite. I love to be surprised!”
  • Libby, 35: “I guess I’m an old-fashioned girl, because I love to get jewelry. Probably my favorite was a really beautiful gold necklace. I’m actually wearing it today! Oh, and I also love when my husband makes special plans or dinners for us when there’s no special occasion.”
  • Ria, 41: “Shoes. It’s got to be shoes.”
  • Karen, 35: “Gifts in general are nice! It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant, sometimes the little things mean just as much.”
  • Diane, 24: “Um, my engagement ring? That was pretty special.”
  • Shelly, 32: “My boyfriend bought me a power bag that I’d been eyeing for a big, important work trip. It might not be romantic to some people, but to me, it meant everything.”

We hope this was helpful in finding an outside-the-box gift, or remembering a classic idea, for whatever special occasion you’re celebrating. Any of our gifting specialists are available to chat if you are looking for more help. Happy Gifting!

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