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Make Every Day a (Home) Spa Day

By Olivia

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We all need self-care time, and for many of us, that goes hand-in-hand with spa time. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to fill our weeks with spa appointments due to our busy schedules or budgetary concerns. Just because you can’t hit the spa several times a week, there’s no need to skip the things that make you look and feel your best. We’re here to help you incorporate some spa practices into your everyday life.

Spa Time Woman in Robe Taking Luxurious Bath

Home Ambiance

It may not be possible to have a clutter-free home 24/7, but try to dedicate one room or space to your zen living. Whether that’s your bedroom, bathroom, or even a closet, make this space yours. Keep this area clean and free of clutter, and make it feel like a sanctuary by decorating with colors that speak to you. Purchase flowers (it doesn’t need to be an extravagant arrangement) several times a month to keep a garden-like setting. Try arranging candles throughout, or decorating with inspirational photos. When you have a few moments to pamper yourself, this is the space to utilize. It also makes a great retreat when you need a few moments of mediation or grounding breath work.

Evening Routine

We all have our evening routines, but often times it feels like a chore to complete these tasks. Make this time special by slipping in some extra pampering. Before washing your face, light a scented candle and put your hair back with a silk scarf. After applying your cleanser, give yourself a quick 2-minute facial massage. This can help lymphatic drainage and also provides a lift to your skin and a quick radiance boost. Check out a simple massage routine here.

Spa Hour

If you find yourself with a free afternoon (or more likely, a free hour or two), make it special (e.g., turn off the Netflix). Use this time to give yourself a home facial. If you’ve got the time, go for the full routine. Start with an indulgent bath with bath salts and body oil, before wrapping yourself in your favorite fluffy robe. While you’re masking, use this time to shape your nails and apply a luxurious body cream.

Working these types of items into our daily routines will keep us all looking more polished, but there’s certainly more to be gained than a change to our physical appearance. The more frequently you squeeze in some home spa-time, in whatever form appeals to you, the more you’ll notice lower stress levels and a sense of being grounded.

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