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Fall Beauty Staples

By Olivia

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As we all enjoy these last few weeks of summer, it’s time to start prepping our beauty cabinets with essentials to keep our skin in tip-top shape as we enter fall.  Being proactive with your beauty regime means hanging onto that summer glow just a bit longer, and preventing many common cold-weather skin concerns.

1. Change Up Your Bath and Shower Habits

Soft skin begins with cleansing it properly.  First, make sure that you’re using warm (not hot) water in your bath or shower.  The same goes when cleansing your face – be sure you’re using lukewarm or cool water.  Hot water will strip your skin of moisture and leave it feeling itchy and dry, whereas a warm shower will prep your skin to absorb your after-shower lotions and moisturizers.We often hear that face cleansers shouldn’t leave your skin feeling tight and squeaky clean, and the same applies for body washes.  Look for a formula that’s gentle and/or has an added moisturizer.  The Moisturizing Body Wash from Dermalogica is a creamy formula that is soap-free.  For an even more decadent experience, we work Aromatherapy Associates’ Bath and Shower Oils into our routine.  It’s best to use just before stepping into your bath or shower – the aromatherapy works nearly instantaneously (our favorite is Revive to get us going in the morning), and the oil is an excellent pre-cleanse moisturizers.

If you have the luxury of time for a bath, make it a restorative experience for both skin and mind.  Mullein and Sparrow’s Rose Bath Salts use mineral-rich salts to restore and replenish skin, while the organic essential rose oil is known as a powerful aromatherapy treatment.  The beautiful rose petals also add a nice touch to your bath water.

2. Keep Skin Soft and Supple

The best way to fight back against dry, flaky skin that can begin in the fall is to prevent it from occurring.  While this may sound like we’re oversimplifying the problem, switching out a few key products will make a significant impact.  One of our favorite fall products is Drunk Elephant’s B Hydra Gel.  Whether swapping this out for your lighter summer serums or adding it as an extra step, we love putting this on as part of our PM routine.  You’ll wake up with smooth, moisturized skin, that never feels oily.To take care of lips, we stick with Kari Gran’s Lip Whip.  This ultra-moisturizing lip balm is highly effective, and is guilt-free: it uses organic, sustainably-sourced ingredients.  Best of all, it provides a subtle shine and is perfect to use both day and night.  And don’t forget your body! While we like to use light lotions or spray moisturizers in the summer, it’s time to switch back to creams and oils come pumpkin spice latte season.

3. Hands and Feet Are the Windows to Your Beauty Routine

We’ve all heard that we’re immediately sized-up by those we meet within a few seconds, whether it’s conscious or sub-conscious.  One of the most telling, and visually available, signs of a person’s grooming habits are their nails.  We use our fingers when eating, gesturing, pointing, etc., so why not keep them pristine? While we love dark, vampy colors on our nails in the fall, it’s definitely a high-maintenance look.  If you don’t have the time or budget to make it into your nail salon at least once a week, opt for a natural look with short, shaped nails and clear or nude polish.Perhaps most importantly in autumn, don’t forget to care for your cuticles.  This is the time of year that they can begin to dry out and look flaky.  A quick swipe of cuticle oil before bed usually does the trick to keep them in a healthy condition.  If you notice your cuticles are still a little dry, keep a bottle at your desk and apply once or twice throughout the day.  Cuticle oil can take a few minutes to dry, so it’s perfect before you begin typing that long email or article.

Lastly, don’t forget your feet.  While you may not be wearing strappy sandals every day any longer, don’t neglect your feet until it’s too late to bring them back to their former glory.  You can definitely extend the length of time between pedicures this time of year, but don’t forgo them altogether.  Also, try using a dry exfoliating brush on the soles of your feet once or twice a week before jumping in the shower.  When you slather on your body moisturizer, make sure to hit this area as well.

4. Hair It Is

Autumn is the perfect time to begin playing with new hair colors, but the combination of cooler, dryer weather and color treatments can wreak havoc on your hair and scalp.  Be sure to use a shampoo that cleanses gently to avoid stripping any needed moisture.  If you are coloring your hair, this will also extend the life and vibrancy of your hair color.  Look for a conditioner that’s a bit heavier as well in order to prevent dry-hair related frizz and to restore shine.Conditioning becomes increasingly important this time of year, so much so, that most experts recommend adding a weekly deep conditioning treatment to your routine.  Use an overnight hair masque or slather on a treatment before climbing into a bath.  Be sure to massage it into your scalp to keep it healthy as well and prevent flakes.  Try making this part of your Sunday routine to prep for the week ahead, and enjoy shiny, healthy hair all week long.

One of the best ways that you can protect your hair from over-drying is to avoid too frequent shampooing.  This is easy to do if you take care of an oily scalp with a dry shampoo.  We love most products from French beauty brand Klorane, and their dry shampoo is no exception.  Try spraying a bit around your scalp after blow-drying as a preventative measure, and use as-needed over the next few days.

It’s not necessary to use all of the tips and products mentioned here; pick those that work best with your skin type, lifestyle and schedule.  Even small changes can make a big impact on keeping you radiant from head-to-toe.

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