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Fall Beauty Staples

As we all enjoy these last few weeks of summer, it’s time to start prepping our beauty cabinets with essentials to keep our skin in tip-top shape as we enter fall.  Being proactive with your beauty regime means hanging onto that summer glow just a bit longer, and preventing many common cold-weather skin concerns. 1. […]

Spa Time Woman in Robe Taking Luxurious Bath

Make Every Day a (Home) Spa Day

We all need self-care time, and for many of us, that goes hand-in-hand with spa time. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to fill our weeks with spa appointments due to our busy schedules or budgetary concerns. Just because you can’t hit the spa several times a week, there’s no need to skip the things that […]

Street Survey: Best Gifts Received, Atlanta Edition

Gifting is hard. We get that, and we formed Jean and Jade to help make the process a bit easier and more rewarding. In addition to providing amazing gift boxes of our own, we’re here to help with gift inspiration. So this week, we hit the streets of Atlanta (where we’re proudly based) to ask […]

woman opening delivery gift box for special occasion

Alternatives to Sending Flowers

Americans send flowers for many types of occasions and to express many feelings: “happy birthday”, “just thinking of you”, “happy anniversary”, “I love you” and even “I’m sorry” are common reasons to send or receive a bouquet. While we’ll never be disappointed at receiving our favorite arrangement, we think there are many times that a […]

Best Destinations for a Girls Getaway

It’s that time of year when most of us fall into one of two camps: those who are vacationing and those who are enviously eyeing the Instagram feeds of those who are vacationing.  If you’re still stuck at your desk or at home, we’re here to tell you that it’s time to pack your bags. […]

aromatherapy diffuser on table with ornamental herbs

The Benefits of Aromatherapy

Most of us have heard about the reputed benefits of aromatherapy, and we fall into two camps: those who are diehard fans and those who’ve written it off as offering no more than a placebo effect; we’re here to set the record straight on the tangible benefits that aromatherapy offers!

Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

If your anniversary is around the corner, chances are, you’re busy trying to come up with the perfect gift for your wife or girlfriend.  We’re here to help – whether your budget is $50 or $10,000, we’ve got you covered.  An anniversary gift is different than a gift you’d select for another occasion, such as […]