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Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

By Olivia

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If your anniversary is around the corner, chances are, you’re busy trying to come up with the perfect gift for your wife or girlfriend.  We’re here to help – whether your budget is $50 or $10,000, we’ve got you covered.  An anniversary gift is different than a gift you’d select for another occasion, such as her birthday.  It should be romantic, and celebrate what she brings to your life.  We’ve compiled some ideas to help with the search: keep reading below to find our top picks for this occasion.

Traditional Gifts by Year

If you’re celebrating a wedding anniversary, you may want to consider the “traditional” gift for your particular wedding anniversary year.  Each year of marriage corresponds to a traditional and modern theme – either option is an excellent place to get started in your search.  For example, a first anniversary traditional gift is paper and a modern gift is a clock.  You could have your paper wedding invitation framed, or gift her with artwork depicting the city in which you were married.  You could also find an antique clock that will fit beautifully on your mantle, or one which has sentimental value for some reason.  A gift from one of these yearly themes is an excellent choice if your wife loves tradition.  It shows great thought and care went into the selection, and is something she’ll treasure for many more years.


We’ll let you in on a little secret: women love to feel sexy, and especially to feel that they’re sexy in your eyes.  Let her know that she’s the object of your desire with some special lingerie.  Of course, this gift needs to be appropriate to the particular anniversary: if you’re newly dating and celebrating one month as a couple, she may find it objectionable.  You be the judge on where you’re at in your relationship.  That being said, if you know you’re at a place where she’ll be amenable to it, try to select something that you’ll both appreciate.  If its in the budget, gift her with a bra and panty matching set in a brand that’s a step (or two) above her everyday-wear.  If you’re really wanting to splurge, check out La Perla for timeless pieces or Agent Provocateur for something that’s a bit more playful.

A babydoll or nightgown is another excellent choice, and is more forgiving if its not the perfect size.  Or perhaps you’ve heard her mention she’d love a new robe or wrap (or seen her old one get a bit ratty) – a silk or chiffon robe will make her feel beautiful as she’s getting ready for an evening out, or enjoying an evening in.  We love In Bloom Intimates by Jonquil for budget-friendly, yet elegant, pieces.

Surprise Delivery

An anniversary is an excellent time to surprise her with a present.  Jean & Jade makes it easy: you can shop our packages by occasion (such as anniversary), or you can create your own gift box.  Either way, you’re shopping products that were hand-picked, tried, tested and loved by their expert team.  Their gifts are unique in that you can choose the exact delivery date at checkout, and her gift will be delivered to her door.  Send it to your home, or think outside the box and send it to her office or the hotel room you’ll be sharing for a long weekend.  Don’t forget to include a gift message letting her know you care.  Your gift will arrive beautifully packaged and wrapped with care.

Jean and Jade’s anniversary packages feature items that women love, that are both romantic and luxurious.  Items such as sheer robes, gourmet chocolates, bath salts, fragrances and body oil.  While each set is unique, you can also build your own package by choosing from their wide array of items sold individually.  If you have questions or need guidance, Jean & Jade has a team working ‘round the clock to help you make the perfect choice and ensure your wife or girlfriend is thrilled with her gift.


Jewelry is cliché for a reason.  While their tastes in it may vary, most women love some type of baubles.  Perhaps she loves a particular type of gemstone.  If not, her birthstone is a great place to start.  Or, choose a metal-only piece or diamonds for items that will be transitional.  Typically, a piece of jewelry that features smaller stones (or none at all) can be more casual, and she’ll get everyday wear out of it.  These pieces are more practical, as they can be dressed up or down.  That’s not to say that every woman shouldn’t have a few glamorous pieces, such as cocktail rings or statement necklaces.

For an anniversary, you may choose a more sentimental item.  A new band to stack with her engagement ring and wedding ring set is a popular look, and symbolically means that your adding to your love.  A necklace or bracelet that features the birthstones of your family is thoughtful, as it represents the family in a way that she can wear and be reminded of what the two of you have created.  Or, if you’ve seen her lusting after an item in a jewelry shop’s window, what better time to splurge? Either way, jewelry is another gift that will be kept and treasured (perhaps even passed down) for some time.

Choosing the perfect gift is never easy, and we know it can be especially difficult when the occasion carries as much weight as an anniversary.  Don’t let it stress you out: use our tips as a guideline, and think about her and what she likes.  Also, don’t feel that you have to stick to only one category, or one large gift.  Decide on your budget, and feel free to pick several smaller items.  For example, send her an Jean & Jade gift box on the day of your anniversary, and treat her to a romantic dinner where you present her with another token of your affection, such as a print or necklace.  Most of all, remember that she’s unique, and her gift can be as well.