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Alternatives to Sending Flowers

By Olivia

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Americans send flowers for many types of occasions and to express many feelings: “happy birthday”, “just thinking of you”, “happy anniversary”, “I love you” and even “I’m sorry” are common reasons to send or receive a bouquet. While we’ll never be disappointed at receiving our favorite arrangement, we think there are many times that a more original, personalized approach would leave a better impression. So the next time you have reason to let someone know you’re thinking of them on a special day, whatever the reason, think outside the box. Your wife, girlfriend, sister or BFF will be thrilled at the thought that went into your unique gift. Read on to learn some of our favorite ideas.

woman opening delivery gift box for special occasion

Spa Day/Hour

For some women with ultra-busy schedules, time is one of life’s greatest luxuries. Gift her with an appointment or gift card for her favorite spa or salon. If she has kids (and you are available) offer to watch them while she indulges in some “me time”. Best of all, most spas offer treatments tailored to whatever type of woman she is: a facial for the skincare enthusiast, a massage for the athlete or executive, a deep conditioning treatment and blowout for the woman who pampers her hair, or a bundle of treatments for those who love it all. While a full spa day is nice, even an hour long pedicure can do wonders to restore her mind and body.

Surprise Date Night

Most women lead such busy lives, that the idea of having a few hours during which they don’t need to do all of the planning is quite appealing. Whether you’re in a romantic relationship or just pals, plan an evening out that she’ll relish. She’ll probably appreciate a hint regarding what she should wear, and let the rest be a complete surprise. For example, if your wife laments the beautiful new cocktail dress that she hasn’t had an occasion to wear, tell her to deck herself out and take her to a hot new restaurant or performance. Score bonus points by stopping off at a nice cocktail bar first for a pre-dinner aperitif.

Gift Box

The best part of sending a gift box is that you can personalize it to her exact interests and tastes. Jean & Jade has mastered the art of the gift box, so that you can impress her with luxurious packaging and an expertly curated selection of gift items from which to choose. You can build your own box, or choose by occasion. They even have experts on staff to walk you through the selection if you need a little more guidance. Just choose the date that you’d like the package to be delivered, and voila: you’ve wowed her with your thoughtfulness.

Regardless of which gift you choose, the idea that you chose a unique gift for her will impress her immensely. So the next time you need to celebrate a birthday, or any of life’s other occasions, take a cue from us and try out one of these suggestions. You’ll not only score points, but may find yourself enjoying the entire gift-giving process more as well.

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